writing skills development

Communicating Simply offers writing skills workshops and support to help people in organisations and communities express themselves more effectively through writing. This service is guided by the fundamental principles of:

  • challenging the stereotypes of writing being a tool that can be used by a select few
  • seeing writing as a process and not an end in itself
  • using writing as a tool for self development, self empowerment and self reflection
  • using writing to honour individuals, their  experiences and their histories
  • demystifying writing and simplifying the process in order that just about anyone can use and develop the skills.

Writing skills processes are tailored to suit organisations’ needs. Most importantly, they try to get participants to move beyond their fears of writing so that the meaning in their work comes to the fore.

writing and documenting services

Plain Language Editing

Communicating Simply provides editing and plain language services to a varied clientele.

Organisational Histories and Stories of Change

Many organisations struggle with writing reports and information about their achievements and struggles. Helping organisations write their histories and assisting them to document their stories of change is one way of them honouring the work they have done.

Organisational stories which show change and impact are a way of providing alternative and complimentary information to regular reports.

process Documentation

Communicating Simply will assist you in documenting important events and providing professional, appropriate documentation of the event.

knowledge products

Communicating Simply will assist you to develop professional materials, such as educational materials, training manuals, annual reports, newsletters and more.

process facilitation

Communicating Simply will design, facilitate and document your process, from writing skills development, to planning, to reflections, to gender transformation, and more. Gender transformation is an important aspect of any change and is a key specialisation of Communicating Simply’s work.

evaluations and project management

Communicating Simply takes a consultative approach to evaluations and reviews, constantly checking assumptions and seeking appropriate guidance from the agency being assessed. We do this because we understand that, as outsiders, our knowledge and understanding of the context is limited and must be guided by those who work within it. The consultation is about respect, developing deeper understanding and finding the most honest and fair conclusions.

Communicating Simply is committed to working with practitioners who can offer the best of themselves and can assist in managing projects, drawing in suitable service providers to support as needed.